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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Deity
Journal Level 75 (Tier 8)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Butcherblock Mountains more
How to Start Talk to Civean Il'Pernod at ( 319, 189, 493 ) /waypoint 319, 189, 493
part of: Solusek Ro Timeline
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Ritual of the Flame's Purification
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This is part 5 of 5 in the Solusek Ro Timeline.


  1. Go meet Civean at the Torch of Ro (in Lavastorm at ( -118, 18, 66 ) /waypoint -118, 18, 66 Eq2map and speak with him.
  2. Find a group and go rescue Allim in the The Oratorium of Thyr. The Oratorium is the instanced zone located just before getting to Lord Nagafen, so you have probably been there a bazillion times already. For this mission, you get a special instance called The Oratorium of Thyr: Allim's Fate.
  3. Now you need to defeat the giants:
    1. Kill the single mob (74^^^) in the lower part of the zone.
    2. Kill the 3 grouped mobs (74^^^ and 2 74^^) on the top. You will see a named mob there that is not attackable yet.
    3. You will get another giant coming from below. Kill it, and you will get another giant coming from the top. You need to keep killing waves of these until the named becomes attackable.
    4. Kill the named while you keep the still-spawning "normal" mobs under control. The normal mobs will keep spawning until you kill the named, so find a way to do it. In my case, I just kept the "normal" giant coming from below rooted while we killed the named upstairs.
      • The named gives no loot nor any AA exp, so don't entice people to help you with this for those reasons; they won't like you later.
      • This can be soloed, I did it with my wizard. Just have your Int up high and you roots well upgraded. And bring some heal potions.
  4. When the named is dead, Avatar of Flames will appear and give you your reward.
    • The Avatar of Flames Quest NPC

      The chatty npc that you must NOT hail

      ENSURE you do not hail or click the Avatar of Flames guy that spawns. He must float up to you and go through his speech uninterrupted in order for you to complete the quest. If you hail him he will stop and will not update your quest, even once he continues to float and talk later.
    • If you did stop him on accident, get the entire group to zone out via the lower doors, then once all out, you can zone back into Allim's Fate instance and do it over again. There is no lockout.


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