Aphotic Intersection

The Aphotic Intersection

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EverQuest II Point of Interest
Zone The Lesser Faydark (Echoes of Faydwer)
Location South from the zoneline to Butcherblock Mountains ( 599, 22, 40 ) /waypoint 599, 22, 40 Eq2map
Discovery Location (AA) Yes

What does this information mean?

The Aphotic Intersection is a narrow canyon with walls so steep that they block out the sunlight. It connects the northwest section of the Lesser Faydark to the rest of the zone. A passage splits off the main part of the trail and runs south to The Shadowed Grove, where forces of the Void are making an incursion into Faydwer.

There are no monsters here, nor is there a horse station. Some fae have a small outpost near where the trail splits to fend off Void monsters - some quests are available from here.


from Wikipedia:Aphotic:

The aphotic zone is the depth of the ocean that is not exposed to sunlight. The depth of the aphotic zone can be greatly affected by such things as turbidity and the season of the year. The aphotic zone generally underlies the photic zone, which is that portion of the ocean directly affected by sunlight.

So, The Aphotic Intersection would seem to mean "the crossing place beneath the reach of the light".

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