The Anchorage [Public Tradeskill]
Levels 1+
Introduced LU109
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to Cobalt Scar
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This is the Tradeskill Hub that was introduced with LU109.

Lore Edit

After the failure of the New Combine a few tradeskillers led by Whilhelm Nam'terin set out to reproduce the spirit of achievement through combined forces. He thus found a suitable place in an old mine the Cobalt Scar that he cleared out with the help of some of the recruited tradeskillers to establish The Anchorage in it. A place where new ideas could freely be used to create new before unheard of achievements in crafting.

Geography Edit

An old mine in the southern part of Cobalt Scar.

Map Edit

Adjacent Zone Edit

Zone Name Level Range Direction Access
Cobalt Scar 92-95 East Through the mine entrance to this outside overland

Quests Edit

Similar Zones Edit

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