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The Age of War (also referred to as the Age of Defiance) refers to a period of Norrathian history that encompassed and was defined by the Rallosian War.

The Rallosian Army, also known as the Army of Rallos Zek, was an Ogre army that marched upon the peoples of the then-intact continent of Antonica with impunity. The commander in chief of the Army was General Urduuk.

During the Siege of Gukta, one of the major campaigns of the Rallosian War, the Froglok people were nearly eradicated in what can only be termed a systematic genocide.

The Age of War came to an effective end after General Urduuk made the tactical miscalculation of laying siege to The Temple of Cazic-Thule in The Feerrott. Rallos Zek and Cazic-Thule had a pre-existing pact of allegiance, and Cazic took this insult as a violation of that pact. Consequently, the Greenmist, an ancient biological weapon, was released (ostensibly by Cazic himself) and effectively ended the Ogre campaign and very nearly destroyed the race as a whole. (Survivors of the campaign who were deep in Guk at the time of the release of the Greenmist were cut off from the rest of the Ogre army, and eventually became their own sect, the Thullosians, likely a hybridization of the words "Thule" and "Rallosian.")

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