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The Age of Destiny refers to the period of time contemporary to the playable events in EverQuest II. This period of time includes, but is not limited to, the years 3727 through present day.

Everything that has been played in EverQuest II and that will be played for the foreseeable future is considered to take place within the Age of Destiny. One of the hallmark historical aspects of this Age is the rediscovery of the major landmasses of Norrath following the events of The Shattering.

Immediately following the breaking of Antonica into Karan and D'Lere, several other landmasses that were once part of Antonica were fairly immediately located, including the regions of Lavastorm, Everfrost, and The Feerrott. Halas has been assumed lost.

The exact Norrathian calendar date varies slightly from server to server, so the dates below may not be precisely synchronized with your server's calendar. (The below dates are Everfrost server dates.)

In 3741, the remnants of the Desert of Ro were rediscovered as "The Sinking Sands."

In 3747, several of the Ulteran Spires were reconstructed, opening access to the Overrealm of the Kingdom of Sky.

In 3764, the continent of Faydwer was rediscovered, and the Cities of Kelethin and Neriak reestablished contact with the world.

In 3785, the continent of Kunark was rediscovered, and the City of Gorowyn became a major player in the world's metropolitan power struggle.

In 3805, the Moors of Ykesha were rediscovered. This also corresponded with increased reports of activity involving the strange interplanar creatures called Shadowed Men.

Around 3840, the outpost of New Halas was discovered within The Fanged Sea.

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