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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Sinking Sands  (AA)
Journal Level 48 (Tier 5)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Maj'Dul more
How to Start Speak to Aquim ( -135, 149, -13 ) /waypoint -135, 149, -13 in Maj'Dul and select 'The Afterlife' tale, when offered.
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What does this information mean?

This is the only repeatable one of several quests from Aquim in Maj'Dul. The first time you complete the quest, you will get your choice of reward as well as experience. Subsequent completions yield only experience.


  1. Slay 4-8 randomly assigned mobs such as lesser mummies or crypt mummies in The Sinking Sands near The Bay of Anuk ( -769, -155, -1170 ) /waypoint -769, -155, -1170. Another possibility is the The Tower of the Dead ( -1281, -210, -94 ) /waypoint -1281, -210, -94 (2014-05-13).
  2. Return to Aquim for your reward.


  • The quest gives random # of mobs and types of mobs to kill.
  • There is a maximum level for this quest when Aquim will no longer offer it. See Discussion.

Rewards Edit

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