The Item, Location, Quest, Mob or NPC referred to by this page has been removed from EverQuest II.
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This quest was originally part of the world event heralding the arrival of Rodcet Nife

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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category World Event  (AA)
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone North Qeynos more
How to Start Speak with Shepherd Bainyn Fairwind near the Temple of Life
part of: Void Storms Timeline
Preceded by:
The Adventure of the Celestial Acolyte
Followed by:
The Mystery of the Secret Cabal
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More details have come to light surrounding the murder of Seeress Ealaynya Ithis, Harbinger of Life and Prophet of the Prime Healer. She was not the only victim. Acolyte Squallrider, was also killed, and a valuable relic was stolen from him. The mysterious and dark motivations behind all of this must be found and those responsible stopped before their evil machinations continue to unfold, with dire consequences.


  1. Travel to Gorowyn. Note: Use the teleporter next to Shepherd Bainyn Fairwind.
  2. Talk to Garochi Mirt'dok, at the tower on the beach to the north ( 2188, 68, 1065 ) /waypoint 2188, 68, 1065.
  3. Find Wangari Fisshar near the Gorowyn Docks and talk to her ( 2462, 8, 1459 ) /waypoint 2462, 8, 1459.
  4. Leave the docks to the north and follow the path to The Breathing Pools ( 2445, 70, 1000 ) /waypoint 2445, 70, 1000. A Springview Healer will spawn at the ramp and chase you (even con). Kill him and loot the Tattered Springview Healer's Robe. Equip the robe and follow the path further into the Breathing Pools until you see Evdokia next to the Altar of Bertoxxoulous. Talk to Evdokia. Note: This is where the evil side quest takes place.
  5. Enter the The Condemned Catacomb in Antonica ( -1135, -25, -1050 ) /waypoint -1135, -25, -1050 (on a small isle near the Oracle Tower). Note: Choose the correct one! It should be the second on the list, and the zone should be empty. The quest updates as you enter.
  6. Pick up a bag in an alcove ( -175, 0, -32 ) /waypoint -175, 0, -32.
  7. Go to The Elddar Grove and talk to Elgorn Birchgrove about the odd seed ( 680, -20, -300 ) /waypoint 680, -20, -300. You'll get a new quest A Succulent Time to Thrive In.
    • Finish this subquest to proceed.
  8. Travel to the Sinking Sands and pick up the trail of the murderer. Find a discarded carpet next to the usual carpet. Use it. It will bring you to the Twin Tears. Head west along the ridge to the huge rock to south-west. You'll find a Devoted Disciple of Disease at the rock ( -250, -90, -875 ) /waypoint -250, -90, -875. The quest will update as you near the body.
  9. Return to Evdokia at the Breathing Pools in Gorowyn. You have to wear the Tattered Springview Healer's Robe again before you can talk to her.
  10. Go to Spire Shadow Outpost in Greater Faydark (next to the Steamfont Mountains zone-in) and talk to Kaarina Nightbloom ( -450, 125, 480 ) /waypoint -450, 125, 480.
  11. Go to Maj'Dul. (Note: You can use the carpet in Kelethin at the ramp down to the Green Knoll ( 460, 90, 180 ) /waypoint 460, 90, 180 to fly to the Sinking Sands.) Talk to Salyil next to the Library of Light ( -183, 161, -145 ) /waypoint -183, 161, -145, on your right as you enter the city.
  12. Salyil sends you to the The Commonlands. Sneak your way up to the Crossroads and talk to Luzmog Pusguzzler ( -480, -45, -270 ) /waypoint -480, -45, -270.
  13. Luzmog Pusguzzler wants you to catch up with this mysterious person past Dog Pond on the way to Freeport. Head to the east ( -1070, -50, -240 ) /waypoint -1070, -50, -240. When you arrive at this spot, Meldrida Slate will spawn; follow her to The Siege Lands ( -1250, -65, -195 ) /waypoint -1250, -65, -195. She will attack you; kill her and loot a mysterious rune stone.
  14. Enter The Graveyard ( -1390, -90, -330 ) /waypoint -1390, -90, -330. When you enter there is a crypt to the right ( 29, -10, 23 ) /waypoint 29, -10, 23; click on the handle of the door to enter The Mausoleum of Valor. The quest updates.
  15. Pick up the passage rune stone on top of Sir Glimmon's sarcophagus ( -38, -45, -45 ) /waypoint -38, -45, -45. There is no need to kill anything, although if you walk down the middle of the room or stand there, a disturbed soul at your level will spawn and attack.
  16. Return to Shepherd Bainyn Fairwind at the Temple of Life in North Qeynos for your rewards.


At any time after you have completed this quest, you may return to where you killed the Springview Healer in Gorowyn ( 2450, 72, 1002 ) /waypoint 2450, 72, 1002 and find a bag containing a Tattered Springview Healer's Robe that can be kept.

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