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Terrors of Thalumbra Timeline
Recommended Levels 100 to 100
Introduced: Terrors of Thalumbra
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: see Starting Zones
Preceded by: Shattered Seas Timeline
Followed by: Zek, the Scourge Wastes Timeline, Kunark Ascending Timeline

Tradeskillers, please see the Terrors of Thalumbra Crafting Timeline.


Signature Questline[]

  1. Starting quest
  2. Underdepths Saga: Mysteries of Maldura
  3. Underdepths Saga: Zaphardt's Defenders
    • You need to be at least a level 2 Artisan for this quest.
    • You need 8 Thaumic Coal for this quest.
  4. Underdepths Saga: Gears of the City
  5. Underdepths Saga: Eyes of the Ironshadow
  6. Underdepths Saga: Luminous Quest
  7. Underdepths Saga: Unveiled Dangers
  8. Underdepths Saga: Chaos and Malice -- rewards with a 872 potency ring


The signature quests have few subquests, but they don't give much faction with the Shields of Maldura. The side quests, however, offer substantial amounts of faction, making it easier to achieve enough faction to use the merchant and menders and so on in Maldura.

Thalumbra, the Ever Deep[]

Fungus Farm[]

Grygrim the Tender (Ironblood Fungus Farm)

  1. Not So Tender Touch
  2. Ironblood and Guts

Anmera (Ironblood Fungus Farm)

  1. A Gust of Good Fortune

Verna Amanita910, 41, 241 ) Copy
Appears after killing lots of squatting cepholex in the area.

  1. Thin Around the Gills
  2. A Fun Guy
  3. A Briny Shell Smell
  4. Spore Sport
  5. Oozey Food
  6. Repeatable quests:
  7. Let My People Go -- (Must have 40K faction with the Ironblood Sprouts)

Outer Maldura and Stoneheart Yards[]

Thorrigg (Outer Maldura)

  1. Mining Your Business clears passage through Splitiron Mine

Bynn Cloingborn (Outer Maldura)

  1. Cloingborn This Way
  2. Gilzin's Lingering Legacy

Lasslyn and Tyshgwyn (Outer Maldura)

  1. Lasslyn's Quenching Oil
  2. Maldura Hath a Fury
  3. Fury Road

Bhardain (Outer Maldura)

  1. Pet the Puppy

Thaldhor (Outer Maldura)

  1. Pollen For the Thrall
  2. Valley of the Thralls
  3. Bhardain's Astray
  4. Vengeance for Bhardain

Zeen Corblecog (Stoneheart Yards) (good)
These quests are repeatable.

  1. Leech Slime Will Do Fine
  2. Get the Glasstone

Zintra De'Oziana (Stoneheart Yards) (evil)

These quests are repeatable.

  1. Tentacles and Razor Fins
  2. Fiends Swoop and Sting

Eastern Thalumbra[]

Dalidra (Corpse Cauldron)

Aleesia (Zou'Lidelas)

  1. Eggcelent Population
  2. Culling the Time Away -- (Repeatable)

Thaneni (Zou'Lidelas)

  1. The Song of Life
  2. Another One Bites the Rock
  3. Preservation Fragmentation

Item Triggered Quests[]

These are repeatable timed quests. Each rewards a key to a particular type of chest somewhere in Thalumbra. See Thalumbra Chests for the Keys


Alaric Clangzback (Stone Mercantile District)

  1. Ooze Cruise

Gelik Thwaxby (Alcove of Reason)

  1. It's Pillar Time
  2. Return to the Pillars (after Goals in the Shoals)

Toadwart (Mushroom Bar and Grill)

  1. Smelly Ore for Toadie
  2. Goals in the Shoals

Bhoughbh Bhildur (The Waterworks: Aquifer Pumping Station)

  1. Doin' it for the Schematics
  2. Dismantle Ten Rats
  3. Mighty Magimorphic Ore
  4. Umbrite Locked Tight -- gives access to Maldura: Bhoughbh's Folly (X2 Raid)
  5. G.W.A. Gnemlin With Attitude -- quest in the Maldura: Bhoughbh's Folly (X2 Raid)

Gilzin (Mushroom Bar and Grill)

  1. Construct the Past

Dalkuhm (Mushroom Bar and Grill)

  1. Can You Picture That?

Achievement Reward[]

If you finish the 11 Quests in Maldura and 27 Quests in Thalumbra, the Ever Deep you will be rewarded with the Quest Over-Achiever in Terrors of Thalumbra that rewards you with: