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Buffs, mostly, with relatively short duration but enormous benefit.
Most Miracles are Direct Damage or Healing, but with significant benefits over their normal spell counterparts.

note: Each Blessing or Miracle purchased may be used twice before being exhausted, and must then be re-purchased. You may only have one Blessing and one Miracle in your Knowledge book at any time

Favor Points
Identical with Faction, they can for all intents and purposes be defined as your faction with your deity. The difference is, they may be spent.
A House Item, placed in your home, where you can purchase Miracles and Blessings, and tithe to your god by sacrificing certain items which gains you favor. Not all items will be considered fit by your deity. The higher quality your altar is, the less your Miracles and Blessings cost.
Each of the returned gods that has manifested form that will descend to Norrath if certain conditions are met. Worshippers may approach for a 1 hour buff.
Also known as "sacrifice". To offer items of value to your god for favor points.