Terens grasp
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EverQuest II Point of Interest
Zone Kylong Plains (Rise of Kunark)
Location In the snowy mountains to the West of the docks. ( 1779, 450, -922 ) /waypoint 1779, 450, -922
Discovery Location (AA) yes

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A neutral city at the site of the old Combine spires from EQ1 - complete with banker, broker, class trainers, crafting trainers, mount vendor, language teachers, and barber.


  • You cannot buy or sell with any of the NPC's from this town until you are amiable (10,000) faction or higher with Residents of Teren's Grasp, though you may still use the Sokokar post at any faction. You can raise faction by completing quests from just about any quest giver in Kylong Plains.
  • Vendors/menders at this city are different from normal vendors (click here for more info):
    • Vendors charge more for their wares than normal vendors (about 46% more).
    • Vendors pay less for items you sell than normal vendors (about 46% less).
    • Mender charges more to repair your items than normal menders (about 27% more).
  • At max ally (50,000) faction you may buy Legendary weapons from the Faction Merchant (Faru N`Mar) in the Hall of Stealth and Skullduggery and Legendary armor from the Faction Merchant (Aliyah Vensdord) in the Hall of Teren Rysis.
  • Kunark Rhino mounts may be bought here at the Stable Master.

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