Tenebrous Tangle Timeline
Recommended Levels 55 to 60
Introduced: Kingdom of Sky
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: Tenebrous Tangle
Preceded by: Pillars of Flame Timeline
Followed by: Barren Sky Timeline
Tenebrous Tangle 1

Tenebrous Tangle near Ulteran Spires

This quest series covers levels 56-60 in Tenebrous Tangle.

(recommended level in brackets)

Glider mountEdit

Ferwah Shieldwall

  1. [60] Endangered Species

Grumglub series Edit

  1. [56] A Meeting With Grumglub - rewards 1H weapon
  2. The Basket Quests (Limit Repeatable)

Sacred Stones series Edit

  1. Quest depending on alignment
  2. [58] Mysterious Stones (heroic)
  3. [60] A Path Revealed (heroic)
  4. [58] Whole Lotta Holes

Hidden Refuge series Edit

All Repeatable

  1. [56] In the Name of Marr
  2. Expedition Quests
  3. Humidor Quests
  4. Restocking Quests

NOTE: Achievement Experience and the Surgeon/Armorer/Archaeologian: Each quest is repeatable 8 times and only by completing the first instance of the quest you will receive Achievement Experience (as stated in the GU37 update notes).

Explorer series Edit

Newly introduced with LU55

Pip Fuzzletwig on Temple Grounds

  1. [58] Pip Fuzzletwig, Explorer - rewards earring
  2. [57] Pip Fuzzletwig, Storm Chaser - rewards bracelet

Xaldrian Resh on Fear Tainted Isle

  1. [59] Ankle Biters - rewards Shield/Symbol/2H weapon/Offhand weapon

Cobbzig Fudwinkle on Bixie Isle

  1. [61] Honey, I'm Home!!

Bingles Multicrank on Gazer Isle

  1. [60] Witch One? - rewards necklace
  2. [60] Lenses as Far as the Eye Can See - rewards ring

Namojix Ajende at the Vultak Scavenging Site

  1. [60] Clearing a Path - rewards legendary legs

Raxi Ananta on Breeding Grounds

  1. [61] Culling the Wyrm Population - rewards ring
  2. [61] Culling the Drake Population - rewards necklace

Kalz Spikewing on Breeding Grounds

  1. [61] Quelling the Midnight Snackers - rewards charm

Lyceum of AbhorrenceEdit

Zhivaz Ne'pasdar

Part of the Cloud Mount series Edit

Newly introduced with LU55
Listed below are the Cloud Mount Timeline quests that take place in Tenebrous Tangle only; see Cloud Mount Timeline for the entire quest series

Bilgeron Cogsworth IV pt1

  1. [57] Cogs on the Droags - rewards charm
  2. [59] To the Isle of Fear - rewards belt
  3. [60] An Eye on the Clue

Gnibliks Shortstacks

  1. [61] The Bees Sees

Bilgeron Cogsworth IV pt2

  1. [62] Picking Up the Broken Pieces
  2. [62] Follow the Bot - rewards class-specific hands armor
  3. [62] To the Barren Sky

Part of Claymore TimelineEdit

  1. [55] On The Overlord's Secret Service(Evil)/On Her Majesty's Secret Service(Good) - near Ulteran Spires ( -58, 25, 221 ) /waypoint -58, 25, 221, part 1 receive.
  2. [56] Burglars Afoot

City Task Series Edit

Part of Freeport City Tasks Timeline

Part of Qeynos City Tasks Timeline

Heritage QuestEdit

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