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Tenebrous Tangle Timeline
Recommended Levels 55 to 60
Introduced: Kingdom of Sky
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: Tenebrous Tangle
Preceded by: Pillars of Flame Timeline
Followed by: Barren Sky Timeline

Tenebrous Tangle near Ulteran Spires

This quest series covers levels 56-60 in Tenebrous Tangle.

(recommended level in brackets)

Glider mount[]

Ferwah Shieldwall

  1. [60] Endangered Species

Grumglub series[]

  1. [56] A Meeting With Grumglub - rewards 1H weapon
  2. The Basket Quests (Limit Repeatable)

Sacred Stones series[]

  1. Quest depending on alignment
  2. [58] Mysterious Stones (heroic)
  3. [60] A Path Revealed (heroic)
  4. [58] Whole Lotta Holes

Hidden Refuge series[]

All Repeatable

  1. [56] In the Name of Marr
  2. Expedition Quests
  3. Humidor Quests
  4. Restocking Quests

NOTE: Achievement Experience and the Surgeon/Armorer/Archaeologian: Each quest is repeatable 8 times and only by completing the first instance of the quest you will receive Achievement Experience (as stated in the GU37 update notes).

Explorer series[]

Newly introduced with LU55

Pip Fuzzletwig on Temple Grounds

  1. [58] Pip Fuzzletwig, Explorer - rewards earring
  2. [57] Pip Fuzzletwig, Storm Chaser - rewards bracelet

Xaldrian Resh on Fear Tainted Isle

  1. [59] Ankle Biters - rewards Shield/Symbol/2H weapon/Offhand weapon

Cobbzig Fudwinkle on Bixie Isle

  1. [61] Honey, I'm Home!!

Bingles Multicrank on Gazer Isle

  1. [60] Witch One? - rewards necklace
  2. [60] Lenses as Far as the Eye Can See - rewards ring

Namojix Ajende at the Vultak Scavenging Site

  1. [60] Clearing a Path - rewards legendary legs

Raxi Ananta on Breeding Grounds

  1. [61] Culling the Wyrm Population - rewards ring
  2. [61] Culling the Drake Population - rewards necklace

Kalz Spikewing on Breeding Grounds

  1. [61] Quelling the Midnight Snackers - rewards charm

Lyceum of Abhorrence[]

Zhivaz Ne'pasdar

Part of the Cloud Mount series[]

Newly introduced with LU55
Listed below are the Cloud Mount Timeline quests that take place in Tenebrous Tangle only; see Cloud Mount Timeline for the entire quest series

Bilgeron Cogsworth IV pt1

  1. [57] Cogs on the Droags - rewards charm
  2. [59] To the Isle of Fear - rewards belt
  3. [60] An Eye on the Clue

Gnibliks Shortstacks

  1. [61] The Bees Sees

Bilgeron Cogsworth IV pt2

  1. [62] Picking Up the Broken Pieces
  2. [62] Follow the Bot - rewards class-specific hands armor
  3. [62] To the Barren Sky

Part of Claymore Timeline[]

  1. [55] On The Overlord's Secret Service(Evil)/On Her Majesty's Secret Service(Good) - near Ulteran Spires-58, 25, 221 ) Copy, part 1 receive.
  2. [56] Burglars Afoot

City Task Series[]

Part of Freeport City Tasks Timeline

Part of Qeynos City Tasks Timeline

Heritage Quest[]