Use this template when imbedding a link to a Zone in your article. If the Zone does not exist (is redlinked) a link to Category:Articles with zone redlinks will be created.

Parameters[edit source]

This template uses numerical parameters, thus simplifying the call.

  1. Name of the Zone as it appears at the top of the Map screen, but excluding any preceeding insignificant words.
  2. (Optional) Complete name of the Zone, or whatever text flows with your sentence. Defaults to the value of the first parameter.

Calling Format[edit source]


Examples[edit source]

  • Go to {{Zone|Commonlands|The Commonlands}}.
  • This is a random ground spawn in {{Zone|Fallen Gate|}}.
    • NOTE: The ending | in the last example is REQUIRED or the template will return an error.

Exceptions[edit source]

You CANNOT use this template inside of the call to another template! In this case, use the direct Wikicode:

  • {{QuestInformation-v2|szone=[[Commonlands|The Commonlands]].}}

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