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Troubador Spelllines

The following are the first spell in each spell line defined in this template:

  • Deafening Strike - single target mental direct damage and power decrease
  • Precision of the Maestro - short duration group buff that adds a mental DD to every hostile spell.
  • Night Blade - stealth attack dealing single target melee direct damage and decreases the target's intelligence
  • Shrill - single target mental direct damage
  • Essence - single target mental damage and power tap
  • Serenade - Reduce hate gain and lose hate on taking damage for non-fighter group members
  • Merciless Melody - Increase attack speed of group members
  • Brilliant Blade - back or flank attack that deals damage and decreases the target's magical mitigation
  • Sparkling Blade - Two quick attacks that deal mental damage
  • Singing Shot - Two quick ranged attacks that deal mental damage and stifles target
  • Performer's Talent - Self buff that increases AGI, INT and has a chance to cast a mental DD on attackers
  • Insatiable Ardor - Increases the defense skill of the troubadour's group.
  • Magical Boon - Group buff that increases casting and aggression skills
  • Sybil's Slowing Chant - Single target snare and decreases mental mitigation
  • Lore's Shuddering Song - Single target defense debuff and makes target consume more power and be health drained each time it consumes power.
  • Bria's Entrancing Sonnet - Charm short duration
  • Alin's Keening Lamentation - group target mental direct damage that interrupts targets
  • Raxxyl's Fortitude Song - Group buff that increases strength and stamina
  • Arcane Chorus - Raid buff that increases magic, mental, and divine resistance
  • Quiron's Joyous Celebration - Increases in-combat health regeneration of the troubadour's group.
  • Elemental Chorus - Raid buff that increases fire and cold resistance
  • Aria of Excitement - Grants the troubador's group a chance to strike for additional mental damage before every hostile spell they cast on a target.
  • Breathtaking Bellow - Interrupt + blur vision of target encounter, chance of knockdown on one, free + instant cast
  • Eli's Thunderous Hymn - Mental damage to single target, short range, fast reuse
  • Kian's Destructive Anthem - Encounter mental damage+DOT + lower WIS, maintain cost
  • Demoralizing Processional - Debuff encounter's casting + melee offense + focus + aggression skills (maintain cost)
  • Lullaby - Mesmerizes the target and removes them from being affected by area effect spells for a short duration. This effect breaks upon the target receiving any damage.

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