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Use this set of templates to define a Timeline Sidebar.

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Meanings[edit source]

TSTop[edit source]

replace this with the name of the Timeline in TSTop this creates the link to the Timeline article and a edit link to the sidebar template if altname is not used.
Do NOT modify this AT ALL! It is used to pass a width from Template:INameORBox to Template:TSTop.
The edit button links to altname_Timeline instead of timeline_name_Timeline

TSSubhead[edit source]

This may be plain text or a link. Use this to subdivide the sidebar into sections.
Level 1 subheadings (level=|) should be used for a zone name (if the timeline involves multiple zones such as the Claymore Timeline) or major area changes within the same zone (as seen in the Antonica Timeline.
Level 2 subheadings (level=2|) should indicate changes such as a different NPC who gives the sub-series. NOTE: This visual separation can also be achieved using the break=y| option of TSLine without adding so much height to an already tall sidebar.

TSLine[edit source]

Just like it says, this is the number of this quest in the timeline, or in the series, but can also be used with a letter (lower case, please) to indicate subquests. This field is displayed right-justified.
A completely-defined link to this quest. You can use [[ ]]'s, or the {{Quest||}} template (preferred), and can even sculpt the display to indicate different paths, such as {{Quest|good version}}/{{Quest|evil version}}.
If anything is between the equal sign and the pipe, a thin line will appear under this quest name, giving a visual separation to the sidebar.
1 (or blank) is for quests, 2 is for sub-quests, 3 is for sub-sub-quests
any input to this parameter will remove the dot at the end of the line

Related Templates[edit source]

  • Template:TSTop - Defines the top of the Timeline Sidebar and the header. width is optional and is used by Template:INameORBox to put a timeline inside of it's box. Default width is 30%.
  • Template:TSSubhead - for a mid-list heading, such as the name of an NPC. level can be blank or 2, and default is blank. The text is not auto-linked.
  • Template:TSLine - this is the output of most lines. break=y will draw a borderline under this output. quest_name is not auto-linked so complex lines may be built
  • Template:TSFoot - closes the table
  • Template:TSTop/Docs - This documentation...
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