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This template creates a link to a subclass subcategory and, if nodisplink is not blank, displays a link with the subclass name to that category. Testing is also performed unless suppressed.

This template is used by all the AllCats Templates to create the actual linking. (well, it will be very soon!)




Numbered Parameters (These are all REQUIRED):

  1. SubClass. Wizard, Brigand, Guardian, etc. This is checked by Template:NormalizeCharClass
  2. Sub-Category. Valid options include Equipment, Items, Spells, etc

Named Parameters (These are all OPTIONAL except level):

  • level: The required level to use. Not used at this time, but it is REQUIRED. I HOPE to figure out an easy way to sublink all this to breakout cats by tier!
  • notestclass: Suppress verification of the validity of the subclass? If this is NOT blank no check for validity will be made.
  • nodisplink: Suppress the text display of the link? If this is NOT blank, no link to the subcat will be displayed.
  • nolink: Suppress the category link? If this is NOT blank, no link to the subcat will be created. Can't really say this should ever be used, but I am including it for completeness.
  • notestlink: Suppress testing of the link? If this parameter is NOT blank, no link to the subcat will be displayed. Normally, the existence of the subcat is tested and a link to the help page created if absent. The help page will contain an example of what to put in the subcat page to create proper referential links.
  • subclassplural: The plural form of the subclass name, used by the AllCats templates for displaying "All Wizards", etc.

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