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EverQuest II Point of Interest
Zone zone needed (Shattered Lands)
Location location information needed

What does this information mean?

Use this template when starting a new article for a Point of Interest, or updating an old one.


alternate image name, else use page name + .jpg
alternate description for image (else use page name)
Name of the Zone as it appears at the top of the Map screen, including preceeding insignificant words.
zone2, zone3, zone4
(Optional) some POI are at the exact same location in multiple versions of a zone (like solo and Advanced Solo), for those cases use these parameters. only use when all zones got added with the same patch.
The name of the LU, Expansion or Adventure Pack this POI was introduced in. If blank the original launch is assumed and patch defaults to Shattered Lands.
If NOT blank, DISCOVERY will appear on the box, indicating that Experience and Alternate Advancement‎ are earned the first time this location is visited.
A description, possibly including links, of how to find this POI
The in-game /loc of this POI, WITHOUT parentheses!!!
The unique ID number of this POI as it is listed on the EQ2Map website.
Alternate name, used by Template:OtherResourcesBox. Use _ in place of spaces, as spaces will break the link!
costum link to mulitple achievements, overrules the parameter achievement
name of the related achievement

Calling Format

 iname      = |
 idesc      = |
 zone       = |
 zone2      = | <!-- optional -->
 zone3      = | <!-- optional -->
 zone4      = | <!-- optional -->
 patch      = |
 discovery  = | <!-- if this POI gives a Discovery ding, put ANYTHING in this field -->
 location   = | <!-- A textual description of where the location is -->
 mapref     = | <!-- the /loc coordinates, no +'s please -->
 uid        = | <!-- for EQ2MAP -->
 altname    = | <!-- alternate name for search engines -->
 achievement= | <!-- name of the related achievement -->

See also: Template:Preloads/POIInformation

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