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This template accepts 2 parameters, <rarity> and <link>,plus a few named switches, and tests <rarity> against a list of VALID Drop Frequencies. It then builds a link to Category:<rarity> <link>. For instance, if you wanted a link to "Treasured Items", <rarity> is Treasured and <link> is Items.

If <link> is blank, BAD category links will be made! (don't do it!)

If color is not blank, the displayed link will be colored for a light background

If xwin is not blank, the displayed link will be colored for a dark background

If Bonus is not Blank, it will get added to the line. it's not meaned to be used for Relic or Greater Relic, but for other items that show it that way

Do NOT define both color and xwin!

The ONLY valid values for <rarity> at this time are Common, Uncommon, Treasured, Legendary, Handcrafted, Mastercrafted, Mastercrafted Legendary, Mastercrafted Fabled, Fabled, Fabled Relic, Ethereal, Mythical and Celestial. <rarity> cannot be blank. If icat (the var used most often) is blank, the caller should pass COMMON.

usage: {{NormalizeRarity|rarity|link|color=|xwin=}}

This is a sub-template, used by other templates, and is NOT intended for use by users!
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