This template accepts 1 parameter, <cat>, tests <cat> to verify that it is in the list of correctly spelled achievement subcategories and returns the subcat if it does and an error if it does not.

Valid Subcategories (Expanded)Edit

Either the shorthand or (Expanded) form will work

  • AoM (Altar of Malice)
  • Ascension
  • Avatars
  • Brewday
  • Bristlebane Day
  • Blood of Luclin
  • CD (Chaos Descending)
  • CoE (Chains of Eternity)
  • Chronoportals
  • City Festivals
  • DoF (Desert of Flames)
  • DoV (Destiny of Velious)
  • EoF (Echoes of Faydwer)
  • Erollisi Day
  • Ethereals
  • FSD (F.S. Distillery)
  • Faction
  • FD (Fallen Dynasty)
  • FG (Fallen Gate)
  • Frostfell
  • GH (Guild Hall)
  • HFest (Heroes' Festival)
  • KoS (Kingdom of Sky)
  • KA (Kunark Ascending)
  • ME (Moonlight Enchantment)
  • notd (Nights of the Dead)
  • Oceansfull
  • Overseer Quests
  • POP (Planes of Prophecy)
  • PQ (Public Quests)
  • RTT (Race to Trakanon)
  • RoK (Rise of Kunark)
  • SSky (Scorched Sky)
  • SF (Sentinel's Fate)
  • SL (Shattered Lands)
  • Skyshrine
  • Slayer
  • SS (Splitpaw Saga)
  • TOV (Tears of Veeshan)
  • TOT (Terrors of Thalumbra)
  • TSO (The Shadow Odyssey)
  • Tinkerfest
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