Use this template when embedding a link to a NPC in your article.

If the NPC article does not exist a link to Category:Articles with npc redlinks will also be added.

Parameters[edit source]

This template uses numerical parameters, thus simplifying the call.

  1. Name of the NPC exactly as it appears over his head, including preceeding insignificant words, or the name of the wiki article in case of a disambig page.
  2. optional: overwrites the link you see
  3. optional and instead of number 2!: just the part that is in the "()" of the name

Calling Format[edit source]

{{NPC|NPCName|alternative link text|instead of the alternative link text just the part that is in the ()}}

Examples[edit source]

  • Speak to {{NPC|Hibbie Feltfoot}}.
  • Speak to {{NPC|Hibbie Feltfoot|Hibbie Feltfoot}}.
    • Speak to Hibbie Feltfoot
      • the use of parameter 2 is not needed, because it's equal with parameter 1
  • Speak to {{NPC|Hibbie Feltfoot (Rivervale)|Hibbie Feltfoot}}.
  • Speak to {{NPC|Hibbie Feltfoot (Rivervale)|Hibbie}}.
  • Speak to {{NPC|Hibbie Feltfoot||Rivervale}}.
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