Use this template when embedding a link to a Monster in your article.

If the monster article does not exist, a link to Category:Articles with monster redlinks will also be added.

Parameters[edit source]

This template uses numerical parameters, thus simplifying the call.

  1. Name of the Monster as it appears over his head, including preceeding insignificant words.
  2. (Optional) Complete name of the monster, or whatever text flows with your sentence. Defaults to the value of the first parameter.

Calling Format[edit source]

  • Direct: {{Monster|MonsterName|MonsterFullName}}
  • Shortcut: {{M|MonsterName|MonsterFullName}}

Examples[edit source]

  • Kill 10 {{Monster|ancient frostfin}}s.
  • Find {{M|a rabid pup|a rabid pup}} and [[Catalog (Skill)|catalog]] him.
  • Kill 5 of the {{Monster|Fleshstripped bowman}} for the update.
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