This is an unlimited repeatable quest. Though Madria Varas offers 4 different quests and you can complete any or all of them only once a day. Even if she offers you this quest (or any of the other 3) a second time in the same day, the instance you travel to for the subquest will not be reset and, therefore, you will not be able to complete it until the timer for the quest is reset. The minimum level to get this quest is 50.

NOTE: The rules for this may be changing. I received an 18 hour lockout for Shipyard instance, but only a one hour lockout on the other three in Dec 2014. To attempt to reset your lockouts, type the slash command /df for the dungeon finder and look at the bottom for the Persistent Instances tab. (The Lockout tab is not the right one, that's for instances you can't re-enter.) You must select the instance and hover over the Reset Timer button to see how much time you really have left before you can reset (meaning, set the instance back to the beginning).

  • The heroic tag means this can be completed in a group, but because there is no combat you can solo it if you prefer.

Mass Production can be used to complete this quest quickly

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