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Recommended Level level needed!
Zone See Special Notes, below
Book Location See Special Notes, below
Book Title See Special Notes, below

This quest is part of the Lore and Legend Timeline

Starting the Quest

Most Lore and Legend Quests can be started either with a book or by examining one of the quest items. Find the book, bname needed!, using the location information above. Next, read the book, bname needed!, flip through all the pages, and accept the quest. Once you have accepted the quest you may place the book in your house. You do not need the book to progress the quest.


  • Find the following auto-updating pieces by killing name of race needed! in any zone:
    • auto-updates list needed!
  • Find and examine the following tradeable pieces obtained by looting name of race needed! in any zone, or buying them from other players
    • drops list needed!


Special Notes


if not blank, name of image to display to the right of the info box
caption for the thumbnail named by iname
the race this L&L is for. See also: Category:Race
the plural form of the racial name
recommended level to complete this quest
zone where the book can be found. See also: Category:Zones
name of the expansion, adv pack or LU# the zone was introduced in (blank=Shattered Lands). See also: Category:Updates and it's sub-categories
location of the book. Be as verbose as you need to be. add (/loc) info if you have it
name of the book that starts it. Do not add (Book), as that usage is deprecated.
names of the 3 auto-update items. There is no need to italicize them manually, as the template will italicize this entire field.
names of the 5 examine-to-update items. There is no need to italicize them manually, as the template will italicize this entire field. These should NOT be linked, as L&L items should not have independent pages. Full name may be used, including preceding a or an, but is not required. (See EQ2i:Manual of Style)
name of the trophy


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Taken from Lore and Legend: Orc:

  iname  = Lore and Legend Orc.jpg|
  idesc  = [[:Category:Orc|Orcs]]|
  race   = Orc |
  prace  = Orcs |
  level  = 15 |
  bzone  = Commonlands |
  patch  = |
  bloc   = Click on the wall display in the tower at the [[Commonlands]] [[Crossroads]], to the right as you enter.|
  bname  = Orc Society |
  autos  = an orc spirit, an orc brain, an orc heart |
  drops  = an orc eye, an orc skin, an orc spine, an orc tooth, an orc ear |
  trophy = Fellfeather

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