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usage: {{Level2Tier|<level>|<types>|<diff>|<type>|<subtype>}}
  • (1) level is the level to convert. If level = Scales, the message "Scales with player level" is displayed and linked to Category:Scalable (2). If level = All, it will be placed in Tier 1. Any value <1 or >150 becomes Tier 0.
  • (2) types is Items, Equipment, Spells, etc. (plural of the information type)
  • (3) diff is Solo, Heroic, Epic x2, Epic x3 or Epic x4. No default! Default must be set by the calling template or this will create some VERY dumb categories! (like Tier x Solo Equipment!)
  • (4) type is Container, House Item, Quest Starter, etc. Creates a category link for Tier x <type>
  • (5) subtype is Furniture, Bookcase, etc. Creates a category link for Tier x <type> (<subtype>)

If level is not defined or is <1 or >150, or is NOT an integer number, Tier 0 is returned.

This is a sub-template, used by other templates, and is NOT intended for use by users!
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