Use this tag at the top of any Update:## or Category:LU## page.

If used on an Update page, will take passed into and call Template:Update Infobox, and put a box on the right side of the screen (name, title, date, TOC). If used on a category, will just do the cross linking.


REQUIRED, the update number (for <10, please have a leading 10)
REQUESTED, the date this update happened (free form text, more then 1 date? use a <br>)
OPTIONAL, title of the update, use with expansion names or update names (being popular with SOE)
OPTIONAL, url to soe's patch notes, where ever they may move them to this week
OPTINAL, since they changed it from numbers to Dates, this parameter is needed to plain link it without LU prefix


{{LU|52|date=June 16, 2009 (US)<br>June 23, 2009 (EU/JP)|title=Monument and Might}} {{LU|2015.06.23|date=June 23,2015|title=Update: Tuesday, June 23, 2015|soe=|new=1}}

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