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This is a sub-template, called by many other templates to display a thumb-nailed image in a manner consistent across all templates.

Usage: {{ImageThumb|{{{iname|{{PAGENAME}}.jpg}}}|{{{idesc|{{PAGENAME}}}}}|{{{race|}}}}}


  • 2018/10/27 - Chillispike: when race is used it's possible to upload either a jpg or png
  • 2017/8/16 - Chillispike: when a image name is wanted, use the wanted imagename otherwise suggest pagename. (needed to handle the iname2)
  • 2011/3/28 - revert back to the old fullurl upload targeted links (reverting the change from 2 years ago), because the special:upload/foo was broken in a recent update
  • 2009/10/3 - If the image doesn't exists Image missing.jpg will show instead to avoid red link
  • 2009/9/2 - If the image doesn't exists the suggested name will be suggested for upload instead of the pagename
  • 2009/3/26 - attempting to simplify the upload links via a new method
  • 2007/6/4 - race is added to allow for a default Racial image.
This is a sub-template, used by other templates, and is NOT intended for use by users!
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