Mithaniel Marr - The Truthbringer
Quellious - The Tranquil
Tunare - The Mother of All
Rodcet Nife - The Prime Healer (TSO)
Erollisi Marr - the Queen Of Love (AoM)
Brell Serilis - The Duke of Below
Bristlebane - The Trickster (LU38)
Karana - The Rain Keeper (RoK)
Solusek Ro - The Burning Prince
The Tribunal - The Council of Justice (RoK)
Cazic-Thule - The Faceless
Innoruuk - The Prince of Hate
Rallos Zek - The Warlord
Bertoxxulous - The Diseased (RoK)
Anashti Sul - The Former Prime Healer (TSO)
Soon to Return
2 unspecified female gods
Not Yet Returned
Prexus - The Lord of Oceans
Veeshan - The Mother of All Wurms
Terris-Thule - The Dream Scorcher
Morell-Thule - The Lord of Dreams
Ullkorruuk - Lady of Insurrection
Saryrn - The Mistress of Torment and Pain
The Rathe - The Council
Fennin Ro - The Tyrant of Fire
Xegony - The Queen of Air
Tarew Marr - The Fathom Lord
E'ci - The Wintry Guardian
Povar - The Veiled One
The Nameless
The Nameless
Xul'Varien - Lord of Pestilence
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