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  1. Mob name (OPTIONAL). NOTE: This does NOT use a caller template, so no category will be linked if the mob does not exist!
  2. Alternate mob name (OPTIONAL). Use this field if the mob name should be plural or preceded by a or an.
  3. Zone (OPTIONAL). If Zone is included, template will add the page to cat <zone> Dropped Items
  4. Chest (OPTIONAL). Inserts the text "the <chest> chest of". <chest> can be Corpse, Small, Treasure, Ornate or Exquisite.


{{DroppedItem|Harla Dar||Temple of Scale|Exquisite}}

From the Exquisite Chest of Harla Dar in Temple of Scale.

{{DroppedItem|brittle skeleton|brittle skeletons|Zek|Treasure}}

From the Treasure Chest of brittle skeletons in Zek, the Orcish Wastes.

{{DroppedItem|:Category:Orc|all Orcs||Corpse}}

From the corpse of all Orcs.

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