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When you are reporting a coin amount, such as in a Rewards section, you can use this template to keep the output consistent. It will also put the amounts in the same colors used in-game, which looks real nice.


This template uses numerical parameters, thus simplifying the call.

  1. (Optional) Platinum Amount
  2. (Optional) Gold Amount
  3. (Optional) Silver Amount
  4. (Optional) Copper Amount
  5. (Optional) Status Amount
  6. (Optional) Guild Level (used for status merchant purchases)

Calling Format



  • Example: {{Coin|||5|2}}
    • outputs: 5s 2c
  • Example: {{Coin|2|73||12}}
    • outputs: 2p 73g 12c
  • Example: {{Coin||14|61|60|22000}}
    • outputs: 14g 61s 60c 22000 status
  • Example: {{Coin|1|80|5|13|800k|30}}
    • outputs: 1p 80g 5s 13c 800k status + GL 30


If you are using coin for JUST status (ie, HQs/writs), you can instead use {{status|####}}

Right now, it is just a wrapper for this template, but it saves you from having to remember how many |'s to put in to just show status.

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