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Spells Equipment AAs and Prestige

Put this on the category page for any Archetype, Class or Subclass main category page to provide links to all relevant categories. A call to Template:CatAZ is included at the bottom, so there is no need to put this in your category pages. Likewise, Category links will be made to all relevant parent categories, so you do not have to add any Category tags to your page.

Usage: {{ClassLinks|subclass|class|archetype|nocataz=|nocatlinks=}}

Name of the Subclass. If blank, all box links will be to the top-level category!
Name of the Class. If not blank, will be displayed to left of Subclass in caption.
Name of the Archetype. If not blank, will be displayed to the left of Class and Subclass in the caption.
If not blank, {{CatAZ}} is suppresed. This is for Template:ClassInformation.
If blank, we will make cat-links for this page.

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