A Note about Tomes[edit source]

A ! node

Tomes can be a notoriously difficult type of collection to complete. There is a often a vast variety of pages spanning multiple collections that come from mobs or '!' nodes in any given area. For this reason some of the data you see here on EQ2i may seem incorrect or incomplete.

For example, you may see a page drop from a mob that is listed here as coming from harvesting nodes only. That doesn't mean that the drop was a bug -- rather that no one has yet reported to us that that individual page comes from a corpse. If you find such a circumstance, please either report it on the collection's talk page, or if you are familiar with wiki-editing you can add it directly to the page. If you are adding it directly to the page, please try to match the wording already present on the page in order to ensure a clean, consistent representation of tome collections here on EQ2i.

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