usage: <noinclude>[[Category:Tier x Armor Sets]]</noinclude>{{ArmorSet|<setName>|<setList>|level=|levellow=|}}

parameters that can be used instead or the [[Category:Tier x Armor Sets]]

  • level: (Optional) the highest itemlevel of the armorset
  • levellow: (Optional) the lowest itemlevel of the armorset

See Nature's Purification (Armor Set) for an example of use, and Leggings of Nature's Purification to see it included into an Equipment Information template. All existing Armor Sets are listed under Category:Armor Sets. Be sure to replace x with the tier.

NOTE: The <noinclude>[[Category:Armor Sets]]</noinclude> in the usage above is IMPORTANT! This is how we categorize the (Armor Set) page but NOT every single item IN the set! There is no other way to do it! Inclusion of the category tag in this template would place both the (Armor Set) page AND all the individual items in the set into Category:Armor Sets and we do NOT want that!

See also: Template:ArmorSetx

subst:tution cannot be used to start an Armor Set page! You must go to Template:ArmorSetx, edit it, then use Ctrl-A and Ctrl-C to copy the template to the page you want to make! Be sure to remove the top part like the comments tell you to!

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