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EverQuest II Achievement Information
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  • icon: The filename of the icon file. Default is blank unless a specific icon is provided. Check Category:Achievement_Icons for the correct icon name.
  • name: Required; the achievement name as shown in game.
  • desc: Required; the description text shown for that achievement in game when it has NOT yet been completed.
  • cat: Required; the category of the achievement. Check Category:Achievements_by_Category for the selection of category names.
  • subcat: The subcategory of the achievement, if any.
  • col1: The left column for two-column achievements.
  • col2: The right column for two-column achievements.
  • points: The number of points awarded for the achievement. Used for categorization only.
  • reward: What the achievement rewards, if anything. Use links as appropriate.
  • line: If a template exists for an achievement line, put the name here. Do NOT include the (mandatory) words "Achievement Line".
  • hidden: Indicates if the achievement is hidden until completed.
  • alink: Ingame link.
  • altname: ingame name, needed when article name is different to the Achievement name

Sample Call

icon   = |
name   = |
desc   = |
cat    = |
subcat = |
col1   = |
col2   = |
points = |
reward = |
line   = |
hidden = |
alink  = |
altname= |

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