General Notes for Boxing/SoloingEdit

This zone is boxable with Velious geared characters. I were able to box it with a berserker (average Velious gear, 308aa) and a mystic (poor Velious gear, 212aa). The only mob I had to get help from a second healer was Homunculis. He and his adds drain mana and hit hard so you need either high dps or second healer. With better geared characters it is probably possible to duo this mob. Overall, the zone was challenging to box with two characters but not overly hard. You absolutely need a tank that can survive the stuns and can do lots of aoe dps in order to cope with huge mobs in the zone. Lots of mobs in the zone will drain out tank mana so be prepared for it. The tank will likely have to auto attack kill quite a few of them. It took me about an hour and a half to complete the zone and parsed a total of just over 110M HP across the zone. —Preceding comment by EXpired56k (talkcontribs) February 28, 2012 12:39 (UTC) moved here from the main article.

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