When we ran this instance, we used a Paladin with Legendary and Fabled gear, Adept 3 and Master I spells, and Mythical epic weapon, a total of 14,400 disease resist, 54.9% total avoid, 56.5% overall mitigation (all damage up to where we had to stop was disease, crushing, and slashing) we had an Illusionist, a fully Fabled Defiler fully Mastered and his Mythical epic weapon, and a Templar with full Legendary gear, Adept 3s, and his fabled epic weapon. Even with those toons, we were getting whooped by the knight's disease DOTs until we found out one is a % of total health DOT, the other is a mit debuff and only the knight casts anything. If you priority cure, and secondary top off heal, the frogloks put out very poor dps. The names love to stiffle/stun the tank, but otherwise, they're so far all tank and spank.

The named Minotaur was putting out EASILY over 3k dps, and has an unlimited range entire encounter AoE that knockbacks, slows, and deals a hefty sum of (crushing) damage. You either have to be a group of fully raid equipped toons, or maybe an AoE blocker will work. (we're testing it next run, updates later.)

Knights, minotaurs, and gargoyles have 250k hp, all other non-named frogloks have 100k-150k hp, names have approx: 650-900k hp up to the named minotaur. Watch out for traps hidden in what looks like roots. (Reverendpaqo 08:10, 23 November 2008 (UTC))

Minimum Zone Requirements Edit

Completed this zone today with 13k DPS and a Templar's Sanctuary. You could probably do this zone with 20k DPS and no Sanctuary.

Group was a Myth'd Pally, Coercer, Troub, Templar, Brigand, and non-myth'd Warden. I'd highly reccomend group noxious cures if you can't get Sanctuary and you have low DPS.

Also, the zone has been nerfed a ton, the % damage attack has been taken away among other things. --Kriptini 22:36, 7 April 2009 (UTC)

Trivia: The named minotaur Aruze Vleese is an anagram for Azure Sleeve. Azure Sleeves in EQLive are dropped by a minotaur patriarch in Lower Guk.

Molo easily Edit

This is likely the fastest zone to go through with a merc and yourself for a good amount of profit from the chest. The key is dropped early on and the chest is just past the minotaur boss. If you plan to leave, do so after killing the basement and the chest bosses.

Max Level Edit

Was able to finish this zone at level 94, but at 95 no loot drops from Aruze Vleese and so I could not get a ghoulish key for the door to Hoptor Thagglor.

-- 12:39, December 9, 2012 (UTC)

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