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A walkthrough[]

Initial information at this point:

You need to retrieve two pieces of a key from within the hedge outside the entrance to gain entry to building.

Also, there is a ghost on the west side of the castle (dont know if he roams) whom you have to hail to retrieve an ax to break through the first barrier within the building.

--**Spoiler**-- --Highly Detailed spoiler down below--

Here's a brief somewhat accurate walk through that I wrote up after the first time going in.

Zone in, kill all the mobs up until the fountain. In the fountain there will be a chess piece. Pick it up.

Make your way to the right around the mazes and over to the gazebo. Hail the chick there.

Go over to the water by her, sink down and kill all the mobs in there. Find the next chess piece.

Head to the mazes and find the two parts of the key, one on each side.

Head over to the left side of the castle where you'll find a dude fighting off a whole bunch of beetles. Save him. Talk with him. (Might need to do this before talking to the chick in the gazebo, don't know.)

Head in using the key into the castle using the front door. From now on you may be seeing Bagaboo (80 Epic x2) on tracking. You cannot kill him.

Kill everything in the front foyer, and make your way to the back left section over by the bar. There's some whiskey you can harvest for Tinkering transmuting. Kill everything around there, pull it slow if you have to, including the cats.

For shits and giggles go and click on the fire (one or maybe two of you.) Now, go running around. We do not know what we clicked exactly or what we did to spawn the bartender. But he popped and we murdered him.

Bartender will drop a bottle of watered down alcohol. Use that on the fire. Pick up the key. (The bartender pop could be dependant on you exploring the library and the kitchen thoroughly and even talking to the dude outside on the left hand side of the castle. Still unknown.)

Head to the kitchen and the library and find the next 2 chess pieces.(I did not find the fourth piece in the library. It was in a cup on the bar)

Make your way out the door by the bar, and go around the portch to the back back door.

Use the chess pieces and get ready to get bombed yo!

From here, two different people collect screws. Go up the towers and kill everything in them (for saftey's sake).

Have the two people (with the screws) hit the lever at the same time. This will unlock the middle area of the first floor. (We kept screwing around with the cooking of the recipe and sending it up in the dumbweighter, so I don't know where that truly falls in. Could fall in here, will have to do some screwing around).

Make your way into the middle, kill the mobs in there and the named.

Clear out the hallway to the right up the stairs. Gather the oil from the first room on the right. Go straight back and into the area with the children. Pull the floating shades out in the hallway and kill them there if you can. Once all 3 are dead, the children repop as more shades. Kill those too, and the 2 to 3 mobs in front of Jess (think that's her name. I'll just call her that. it's a good name.) pop. Kill them and hail her. Be careful of adding too many of the shades at 1 time as they strip buffs off.

Head back into the hallway and kill the mobs in there.

Down and to the left of this hallway will be the dining room. Here you may want to have the room cleared, and make the recipe and send it up. Then come running back up and follow the waiter. This may spawn another named mob we did not get.

Head out of the dining room and up the stairs in the halway to the right. Up top there are 3-4 groups of books. Kill them to get into the next room. This will be the father of Jess. Talk to him.

Go out onto the roof, kill around there and search for the lever. Use the oil on the lever. This opens up the chappel. (way donstairs).

Have someone run down and talk with the lady in the gazebo (Jess' mother), she'll give you a locket. Then have that person go talk with Jess. She will give you a key to the nursery. Go in and play with the little boy. I tried sitting down with him and waited. Everyone was clicking or trying to click on things when we were in there. I think my way is the way to get him to stand up. When he does, you'll have Billies attack you. Kill them, then you'll have another chance at a big Billy. Kill him, and gather the hymn piece that's in the room. Go back up and talk with the father and he should give you another piece of the hymn (I believe, if he hasn't already.)

Head to the piano, and play it. Then a door opens in that room behind you, go up and kill the mob of PAIN! Nice loot drops off it/her/him. Helmet set piece for us.

Take the charm down to the library to open it up. Head down. I'll leave some of the suprises to you.

Head to where you can see the Hag. Kill everything in the cages. Make sure to click on the Hag and read her buff. If this then that... be careful. You can get ported into the jails and will not be able to click yourself out of them from the inside. So kill quickly.

From here, head further on. You'll eventually come to an area with a ton of groups o' 3. Every ~2 minutes 30 seconds, you'll get a shade coming to attack you. This will cause some fog to roll over the ground. Kill the groups of 3 to get body parts for Garanel's body. In the middel pedastal is his corpse. Put him back together then get ready for a fight. Might want to put your back to a wall and we had some weird agro problems. Possible mem wipe.

And enjoy the loot. We got a set chest piece and a fabled cloak. Feel free to post any changes / things you know are incorrect and I'll edit this post when I have the chance. Hope that helps.

Another walkthrough[]

The Estate of Unrest - Walkthrough by Lady Whitness With`Elegance of Quellious

Welcome to Unrest. Your worst Nightmare! Be in for Fun, spookyness, carefulness, scaring and lots of puzzles.

Small tips and trics up front :

- Try to have 1 person get the puzzle items, so he/she can complete the puzzles, cause there will be a lot of trapspawns while completing them, and even tho (besides the rotting vegetables), everything is tradable, it makes it easier if you assign one member to complete the puzzles and therefor loot the items. (preferably one you can miss most, like extra dps or so, cause you’ll be needing the healing and tankage to protect the puzzler).

- A lot of mobs are VERY slow, so if there aren’t too many mobs around, arrow pull the mob and have the group use there ranged attacks like hell. Assuming you have atleast 1 scout and 1 caster class, they can arrow/throw, nuke, dot, root, snare etc, and usually the mob is dead before it reaches you and your group).

- You have to clear EVERYTHING outside (yes, whole zone lol), this may take a while, but it is neccecairy to progress).

- There are a few respawns in the zone, wich are, the swines in the back at the river end, and the triggered undead chef in the graveyard. You just have to kill these once.

- Use them master strikes as often as you can on everything that you can, because these mobs have serious hitpoints, and hit for 1000 to 1500 for about 30 to 40% of the fight.

- Invis and evac DO NOT WORK in the zone. Every mob sees invis, and evac is out of the question…(hey, this is the light version of hell, you think you can just zip outta there? :P).

- Be carefull with people hugging the closed doors or the mystical forces, mobs tend to agro through em.

- Some Items I forgot where they dropped from, so forgive me lol, I was still learning this too, didn’t remember everything 

- This zone isn’t an easy instance, it takes A LOT of time and effort, a lot more and longer then Halls of Fate, so know what you start on, don’t think that this is something you’ll just rush through. It is Equally tough as MistMoore Castle, but less f*cked up in agro setup of mobs

The 1st time I did this zone, was on the day it was launched (GU32 on feb28th), so anything that changes from there is not described in this walkthrough.

Start off in the zone by killing the mobs called “a Cucury”, annoying little lvl 72^^^ heroic flying critters, that hit hard as hell and have a ton of hp. Should be about 8 of em.

Then when you killed the last one, you should be standing at the fountain. Look closely around as there should be a small chesspiece on the floor in or around it, that you’ll need later on for a puzzle. Now if the piece cannot be found (wich could be cause when I did this we had to figure everything out ourselves, so could be the piece don’t spawn till later, but should be there, it’s quite small and the color looks like the water, so it’s hard to see (equal search as the little precious stone in the water from that goblin in the Hidden Cache instance in SS).

After you found (or not) the chess piece, clear the mobs standing in your walkway towards the main entrance of the house. Then continu to the right side INTO the maze. There are aprox 4 undead walking in there, and 1 main open spot you can plant the group at and bring mobs to. If you take the 2nd entrance to the right side of the maze, go around the corner, you’ll find the small open area. Have the tank pull the mobs to the group, and while doing so, watch the floor for small keys, if you find em, pick em up, you’ll need em later on. Again, these undead are slow as hell too, so you got quite some time pulling em.

Once you finish the right side of the maze and have the key, leave it and continu towards the open outhouse beyond the right side of the maze. (you can leave the left side of the maze for now cause you’ll end up there again later on). In that outhouse is discovery XP, so have your group visit it atleast, and a ghost npc gal will spawn and give you a little hint to open doors inside the house. Next to her, begins the river that goes up to the swines. There are a few blobs in the water that you also need to kill, because there is another part of the chesspiece in the water.

I forgot wich mobs drop the rotting vegetables, but on the other hand I think everyone receives one duo to something I can’t remember because our whole group had one, and that is the only puzzle piece that is not tradeble. Continu to clear everything, the swines, (the swines drop pieces of meat, that you need for a puzzle in the kitchen, so make sure the puzzler gets a piece), the beetles, undead, jack-o-lantarns, also pull the dogs at the backdoor entrance, there is a group of 3x^^ and a 1^^^ version, until you come to the graveyard. (Discovery xp on the graveyard). The graveyard skelly’s spawn when you get close to a few tombstones, there should be aprox 5 in the entire graveyard…so don’t go chasing around in there, but carefully roam (or the tank atleast), from tombstone to tombstone to have the mobs spawn to kill, you can take 3 at a time if needed with a little kidding, but trust me you prefer to do them 1 at a time . Then in the backcorner of the graveyard, the angry chef spawns. Kill him and he’ll drop a chest with a note. Have the puzzler loot the cooking recepy and continu to clear everything. Once again also the dogs at the side entrance.

On your way clearing to towards the beginning of the zone again, you’ll see a small ghost npc named dwarf. He’s non kos and somehow indirectly quest related to the whole puzzle series in the zone. Leave the skelly’s that spawn around him for him (helping isn’t forbidden tho). Once all skelly’s are dead, you can hail him and he emotes something and poofs.

Once you have the entire outside cleared, you should find yourself at the left side of the maze. Go into the middle entrance (if I’m not mistaking the sandpath leading through the entire backyard ends up at that entrance), there’s a small (very small) open area inside you can huddle your group if needed and you can pull the zombies and find the other part of the key. Once you have the 2nd part of the key, go to the main entrance of the house, kill the dogs 1st and then have the tank (who most likely should be having the keys), open the door.

Inside you have 2 groups of 2ghost mobs, pull the left 2 go around the corner into the 1st left door you find. There should be a zombie wandering, pull it out to the group and after that pull the other 2 or 3 left in that hallway up the small stairs out to the group. Once everything in that hallway is dead up to the npc prisoners, (don’t hang up there, nothing to see for now and a trap that hits you for 800points), go back down and left towards the next door on the left. Carefully go inside and pull either the right or the left ghost mobs and then the other group. Notice the clicky bookshelves, you’ll be getting back to them a lot later on.

Go back to the main entrance again and pull the 2 ghost mobs remaining at the right side. After that clear the hallway with the small stairs on the right just as you did on the leftside. Once done progress to the end of the hallway, kill the group of ghosts there and go into the kitchen (first next door on the right after the small hallway you cleared). Kill the few mobs in there, and have nobody touch anything, there are several trapspawns that WILL whipe the group out if uncarefull. Also make sure casters (specifically the wizards and warlocks), do NOT use any open ae’s from here on because the top floor mobs WILL agro through the walls.

You will need to have the tank click the vegetable closet (the one to the right in the backpart of the kitchen), (get ready to bring out the mops and blankets cause some people will piss their paints when you click that). That was fun wasn’t it?  Don’t click anything else, the meatlocker doesn’t do anything and if you don’t have the meal and click the dumbwaiter it will only pop trapspawns on you. Have the puzzler grab the chesspiece in the left of the kitchen (left next to the stove somewhere). Go out the kitchen, and proceed onto the bar.

Carefull pull here, once you killed 2 out of the 3 of the 1st group, you’ll receive another emote that the bar is becoming a bit empty, an enraged hellcat will spawn and attack. (yes that sweet little pet housecat transmorfed into that ugly bigass hellcat). He will pop a 2nd time after when you pull the 2nd group as well. Once you managed to clear the whole bar, your 1st named will spawn, the bartender. He screams BARFIGHT once you pull him, and will pop 2 small thingies that assist him in his fight. Focus on him, he stuns a lot, and the adds don’t really hurt enough to worry about. Once he’s dead, you should find your first legendary loot and some puzzle items (some cocktail amongst 1). With that cocktail you can put out the fire, and grab the key to the backdoor there (left of the bar). Also have (if not already) someone pick up the final chesspiece in the bar there.

You might also want to go up the small stairs on the other side of the bar and pull down the few mobs that spawn up there and have the puzzler pick up the note on the piano. (so you don’t have to deal with those mobs later, pulling em down there is a lot easier then having to deal with em upstairs).

Once you cleared that too, go outside and towards the right around the house to the other door there. By this time your worst nightmare The Bugaboo (lvl 80 Epic x2) will have spawned and be wandering around out there. He does nothing as long as you don’t come close, andjust wanders the yard around the house. Go into the door at the back of the house and clear the mobs inside that little room. Have everyone that has a chesspiece place it on the chessboard there, but make sure everyone is ready to fight when the final piece is placed. Once the piece is placed, your 2nd named will pop, some gnome call Screw. It could be he’s invisible at the spawn, but you’ll see an emote cloud (just like from chatting normally), target through that and kill him. During his fight he also calls in the aid of 2 more small mobs, don’t worry about those because they don’t hurt too much either. DO pay attention to the message tho : SOMEONE HAS A BOMB IN HIS INVENTORY. Once that message pops, have everyone search their inventory like mad for a bomb, and he/she who has it, drop it on the floor and destroy it, because if you too late, you’ll be worse off then an Afghanistan kamikaze dude. Once he’s dead, you should find your 2nd legend chest (if not master), and 2 screws and another puzzle piece. The wall of force is now also gone, so you can proceed through there, and back into the kitchen. Now it is time to cook. Have the puzzler with the vegetables, recepy and swine meat cook up a meal. But be ready to protect him, because once he starts cooking, angry cooks spawn trying to prevent him from cooking. The cooking itself takes about 30 seconds, and there will be 3 spawns. After you done cooking and killing, go to the back of the kitchen and right click the dumbwaiter to serve the food. You’ll hear a chain go down and shortly after an emote stating the waiter has been called out to serve the food. Go out of the kitchen and back towards the beginning of the house and up the hallway’s with the npc prisoners. Have 1 person go to the other hallway up top and stand at the lever. Now if you paid attention earlier outside, you should remember the ghost gal saying that you need to pull the levers simultaneously. When there’s someone at each lever, right click it and insert screw, then when that is done, make sure (should be still if you haven’t touched em), the levers are TOWARDS you, and AWAY from the wall, both levers. If that is, and both levers have their screws inserted, have someone count down, and at 0 have both players simultaneously hit the levers and the emote sais you opened up the door downstairs. BUT BEWARE. Once that happends, the npc prisoners become agro…they are slow so it’s not that big a deal, you can pull em back to the main entrance and root some off or mezz if you can, and kill em.

Now that that is done, go to the left side of the just opened doors to the other hallway (if the entrance of the house is behind you, the left side). Open de door and pull a mob or 2/3 (you can huddle in the right corner inside). (Discovery exp in here also). Once they dead, you can pull the oversized Sn0rf down (Dwarf, Dworf, D0rf, Sn0rf) and kill it. Once dead, perhaps grats on your 3rd named and chest of loot and more puzzle items.

Upstairs, you’ll notice some armorsuits, (go up the stairs to the right), and when you get close to him, he’ll spawn and agro. Kill it and the 2nd one does not come alive. The one in the middle does tho and drops another note needed a little later on. Go into the hallway and get ready for a surprise…an unpleasant one………………………………………………………………... BILLY!!! Clear the mobs in de door to the left as well. Progress further till you come to a larger area of the hallways and you’ll find quite some ghost mobs there present. Clear everything and once you through the hallway, at the end to the left is a door a little further in. Open the door and you’ll see 2 ghost mobs, 73^^^ heroics. Very carefully pull em out and kill em, don’t worry about the armorsuit, it won’t come alive this time. (Discovery exp at the suit tho). Be carefull with approaching the tables in the middle, cause it will trigger 2 invis agro mobs, group of 2 73^^^ mobs, with combined opening hits up to 4kdmg… so IF you trigger em, pray they don’t agro just yet, but do kill em.

Once that is done, turn around and go up the stairs to the right. Carefully pull the books up there. There are 4 groups of books there, 1 is behind you above the stairs itself, pull those 1st, then group on the tables, then have the group move into the room (not too close to the door), and pull the 3rd and 4th group. Once all 4 groups are dead, another book will spawn, kill it and it will emote the door to your right is now open. Go through it, and pull the 2 visible mobs out to the other room and kill em. Have the tank run around in that room too to trigger trap spawn ghosts and kill em. Once the room is clear, go outside and clear a few more of those freaking Cucury’s and some wisps. Wisps drain mana so kill em fast lol, they suck. Outside (atleast I thought it was there), you should also find a can of oil (could be that was earlier somewhere too), that you’ll need to oil and pull to open up the door to the chapel. (The middle door in the bigger hallway downstairs before the books). Go back down and go the the far left room and knock it open with that magic hammer. (forgot where hammer drops / comes from). Go inside and clear the non kos ghosts and after they are dead, you’ll have cought the attention of the mocking children. They’ll respawn into agro ghosts, be carefull on pulling em, as they can hit hard, but are also very slow so you can have your group range em to death, and their agro range is very short…so have to be really close to pull em…don’t arrow pull tho, they’ll agro all, they are social). Once they are dead, the 3 remaining spirits will become agro. Kill em and have someone talk to the npc ghost. Have that someone that talked to that ghost, go downstairs (all the way) and outside to the outhouse to talk to the gal there again. Have the rest of the group stay up there and wait, otherwise it’s useless running around. Just watch for the Bugaboo when going outside. Once talked to her, go back upstairs and talk to the girl in that room again and you’ll receive the key to the nursery. The nursery is like 10feet from the room you are in now, in the hallway towards the downstairs on the right. Open the nursery and observe the little kid with her music box. Have the tank go to the bed on the other side and trigger the spawns……….MORE BILLY’S!!! Kill em and there is one more billy in the left corner besides the bed… When you get close he reincarnates and blows up to a huge………… BBBBBBIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYY DOLL!!!!!!!! Billy is back, with a vengeance! :P Kill Billy, have the puzzler take the note out of the closet, go upstairs to that ghost on the bed to try and convince him to play the piano in the chapel (where you pulled the mobs down from in the bar, middle door in the open hallway of where you are standing). He refuses but gives you the complete hymm to play. Go to the chapel and have the puzzler play the piano. Same thing gonna happened here as in the kitchen, when he starts playing trap spawns will spawn. The few seconds you have before the zombies spawn, try to listen to the music, it is quite nice. Once done playing and killing, a new door in that same room (where a wall used to be before), opens a stairs to above. Go up and charge your 4th named, The Priest of Fear. Discovery in there as well, and he drops Class Helmets, BUT he has a 2.5k AE dmg, so keep healers and casters out of range as far to other side of the room as possible. Grats on the helmet and more puzzle items.

Now you need to start on the basement. Go downstairs to the beginning of the house and into the room with the clicky bookshelves. Someone has the item to open the shelves, so go ahead and open the doors and proceed down the stairs. Carefull down there tho because there are a lot of trap spawns in that 1st room besides the ones that already walk there They are 74^^^ so they get tougher lol. DO NOT HARVEST THE SHINY either if there is one, because it’s a trap, it’s a disturbance to pop undead, and you don’t want those lol, trust me. So if you carefully manage to clear the room (I suggest hugging left wall, to avoid about 4 spawns on the right), and proceed into the hallway, but huddle at the start of the hallway so the tank can pull.

Next pull you see you’ll be thinking WTF? My groupmember there, AND telling me he got kicked out of the group? Welcome to the illusion spawns (the LFG mobs). They are doppelgangers and transform into one of your groupmembers, and agro’s . Kill along the way until you get downstairs to the jail. Discovery exp here. Have the tank clear all the jail cells from mobs (they are slow as hell too so range em to death). Once you kill a few, you’ll get emotes saying that the hag is getting lonely and later on that she’s gonna need new playmates. Clear all jail cells before pulling her, but do not stand in between the small stairways because there’s a trapspike too hitting you for 876dmg. Before you pull her tho, target her and READ her buff…this is a tricky part, so pay very good attention. Someone gets kicked to jail EVERY 20% LIFE SHE LOOSES. So you have to, on forehand, point out member 1, 2 and 3 to be on Runaround duty to free them. You get send to jail, door can be opened by anyone no problem, just not you from inside (makes sense no? : P) But here comes the tricky part. Remember the doppelgangers from before? They are back to play. Once someone gets send to jail, ALL jails will pop npc doppelgangers. Only this time they are already diskized as one of your groupmembers, but aren’t kos until you get close to them. SO WHO IS ON RELEASE DUTY, MAKE VERY SURE YOU OPEN THE RIGHT JAIL TO LET THE REAL GROUPMEMBER OUT, or this part gets ugly real fast . Once you managed tho, grats on your loot (most likely a very nice priest buckler shield), and proceed into the hallway were there used to be a wall of force. You’ll encounter approx 5 mobs in there, until you get to the room with the lava pool. Have the tank carefully walk towards it and trigger the goblin named. Kill it for more loot (chance of a bow that is GODlike for rangers). Proceed OVER the lava towards the other end of the room. DO NOT WALK LEFT OR RIGHT of the lava cause you’ll fall through the invisible floors. You can just cross the lava lol. Shortly after a little more fighting you’ll find yourself in the Heart of Unrest. But just before you get there, your screen will act up, thas all I’ll say about that, just watch and see .

This part is also tricky, fun at 1st but quite annoying real soon, but a lot easier then it looks too. You’ll find yourself on top of an armorpart corpse in the middle of the room, with straight ahead and to the right, 3 heroic mobs (downstairs sometimes 4), 2 hands of Garanel and 1 Shard of Garanel. Now the shards are the mobs you want. There are a total of 7 different shards across the big room here, and each shard drops a different set of Bones you’ll need to spawn the boss. Sounds easy right? Wrong lol, cause there is another party that comes to play. ALL mobs in this room respawn, AND there’s a shade of Garanel that will spawn every minute and a half, and will chase you and your group all over the zone if it has to. Meaning you can’t hide from him, you can’t yell him off, if you hover on the climbable walls he will still attack etc, so you have to kill him and keep killing him till the end. You can tell when he spawns because the whole room becomes foggy. Whenever that happends he’ll show within a few seconds and agro’s. He’s slow as hell too and quite a lot easier then a normal 74^^^. If you count around you’ll notice 7 groups of mobs through the room, each group has a shard in between em that you need to kill for a piece of bones that you need. I can’t advise you here other then to tactically fight through all groups and get the bones (best to have the tank loot the bones, they are tradable but still), and once you get all 7 pieces (left hand, right hand, skull, chest, legs, right foot, left foot), go back up to the center of the room where you started at. Make sure that you wait for the shade to spawn again and kill it, before you summon the named (don’t want him to add on you while fighting). Once you’re clear, have the tank carefully place each set of bones by right clicking the armor pieces. Once placed, you have about 4 seconds till the Boss mob, Garanel Rucksif, the Cursed, spawns and attacks. He’s 74^^^ Mini Ogre, he hits semi hard (not much harder then the other nameds in the zone). He’s a neat little challenge tho. If you succeed to kill him, congrats to you, and grats to the one that gets the item (weapon of some kind, dagger most likely), and A CLASS BREASTPLATE!!!! So there’s your final convincing for finishing this zone from start to end. Once he’s dead, get ready to make screenshots, there will be some nice features really quick, you also get 9k status for killing him, AND you get an email. Garanel emotes when he dies that this isn’t the end for him, and indeed it isn’t, you’ll see that in the email you receive once you kill him.

Once this is done, if you want to, and have the ability’s, you can try to bring in a raid force to go for the Bugaboo, tho he has not been killed yet (well duh, he’s only lvl 80). He hits for around 9k, and runs reasonably fast once agro’d. Maybe if you have an uber snoober guild you can make 2 raid groups of 2, and give it a go 

But that is the end of this Spoiler / Walkthrough.

And as the saying goes, wich this zone has proved :

When Hell is Full, Death WILL walk the Earth!

With pleasure created for those who are gonna use it in the future,

Lady Whitness With`Elegance of Quellious of the Oasis Server in Everquest 2!

Florence wishes to thank...[]

My thanks to my group, Dismal, Desteny Fae't, Fodio, Viollet and Kalo, all of Lucan D'Lere, who assaulted Unrest with me the evening of launch day. --Florence Sopher of Lucan D'Lere (talk/contribs/templates) 18:13, 1 March 2007 (CET)

zone name?[]

Estate of Unrest or The Estate of Unrest?
All write The Estate of Unrest by the look of it and lootdb knows The Estate of Unrest only too. -- Chillispike 09:10, 8 July 2008 (UTC)

A Good Walkthrough[]