(copied from Talk:The 999 year old port (Antonica))

from a player comment Padashar at Gamepressure:

The Locationator is a compas that tells you two things:

1) The distance to the treasure indicated by the brightness. a) Faint, very far away b) Dim, far away c) Dull, your close d) Bright, your very close. e) Blinding, your on top of it.

2) The color is the direction to the treasure a) Red b) Orange c) Yellow d) Green, if you see green your facing the right direction.

When you are about to dig for the treasure the compas should tell you: The Multidirectional Aerospanning Locationater's light glows with a blinding greenish heu.

and from Puddytat:

if your not ready and have to go back, click on the boat and it will take you to the ship 1. click on malfuntioning this as quick as you can with left mouse button. 2. move xs & xl boxes to one side and the other L,M,S boxes to the other side 3. this part is different for each person... mine was NW,E,NE read log books and then book it gives you and figure out which is which... I suggest writing down each of the 8 answes you get using the telescope and then figure out from there... you have to go up to where capt. is and use machine by lever to enter in the directions

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