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  • NOTE: she didn't appear until we killed a bunch of a withered totem around Wuoshi and the named crododile in the river. During the fight she summoned a withering wisp, then Withered Guardian
  • NOTE: For me she appeared without having to kill any mobs around Woushi. She can be soloed, but is a PAIN to do so. This is on a level 90 paladin/300 AA, armor is a mix of PQ and Ry'gorr, other items mix of instance heroic gear and some TOFSx2 gear. What I did is kill the named crocodile first, then killed Withered Guardian. He's to the right up a ramp if you're facing the bloom on the cliff where Sabstin V'Despth is located. He can't be targeted until the two trash mob dryads at the base of his ramp are killed. She still gated in trash mobs at various stages, but did skip gating in the two nameds since of course they were dead already. My hunch is if you cleared all the trash around Woushi's corpse, she'd not gate in anything at all, but I didn't test that. It is probably easier to get a group anyway, but again it can be soloed if you're determined.

Random Musing. There a few steps here where you need to speak to Firona Vie with /locs for good/evil alinged players. What about exiles ? Can this quest be completed as an exiled character ?

Khandi (talk) 11:30, June 8, 2014 (UTC)

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