Particularly Hard if you're using a level BaubleEdit

The BoL expansion collector's edition and higher, came with two level baubles, each of which brings you up to level 110 in adventure and tradeskill class. If you used the adventure bauble on a character, you should be aware that this step of the signature quest is particularly hard. Even with the HP debuff in the Solo zones, a character without any previous questing takes about 3 hours to complete this step. And presumably a similar length of time for the next step (don't ask me to test that, LOL!)

With no experience from the Planes you somehow end up with much less potency than a normally leveled charatcter (about 10k less in my case), or maybe it's a "better play habits due to familiarity" issue. You will want to redo the AA's if you're using a standard setup to maximize potency, damage, combat mitigation reduction (of mobs), and fervor possibilities. Look up the Epic 2.0 skills and verify if you have them or not. I had to at least start the Chaos Descending signature timeline just to get the "Fount of Magic" / "Grace of Norrath" buff to apply. It was quick, but there was no warning when I zoned into a solo and the buff was missing.

I honestly did it just to see how playable it was to use a bauble on a new made character. It's actually very nice, until the solo. Swap out Tishan's lockbox gear as soon as you can, and do all the landscape side quests you can, so you get better gear. Even 1k potency will help. Unfortunately, this is the quest that rewards a better weapon. But if you manage to take down the first two nameds in the zone, they both seem likely to reward you with a weapon. Subaltern (talk) 05:48, December 25, 2019 (UTC)

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