The first named in the zone, Ernax Heridion, can be pulled into the hallway near the "blood-spatter" at the corner before his room, once all the trash has been cleared. He has an emote that should let everyone know the AOE is incoming and to get away from him (He roots as he casts the AOE) then once the AOE occurs, get back in the fight, rinse and repeat. This mob dropped Boots for us.

The second named in the zone, Vernox the Insatiable, has an incredible aggro range so use EXTREME caution when pulling the add abominations and the lone add small dinosaur before enguaging Vernox the Insatiable. The mob has (3) AOEs that need to be jousted, the first is a crush type AOE and the last two are Noxiuos based. The closer you are the more damage you take, and fully jousting out results in minimal damage. You will get a yellow screen which signifys it's time to get out (for the big hit NOX). You can tank this mob in the pair of crates opposite where the mobs hallway is, and position the rest of the raid caddy corner max-range between the two crates that are separated. This mob isn't too hard, joust the AOEs and keep him locked in the corner will ensure success. This mob dropped some jewelry.

Meilay 18:35, April 12, 2010 (UTC)

Mobs Do Not Heal 2%Edit

Removed the line "Bosses in this zone generally regenerate 2% of their health each time a player is killed" as it is both vague and inaccurate. Haraakat the Seer, for instance, receives an instant-cast heal upon the death of a person in the attacking raid only if he is below 50% life, and the heals cannot take him above 50%. His heals can and do critically apply (with a crit percentage of 66.7% that can be debuffed and lowered), with the base being 1.2 Million HP and the critical heal being 1.92 Million HP. Xilaxis The Explorer has similar heals (1.2/1.9 million) but due to their base HP being different, the percentage of health healed is different.

Nremtp78 22:24, December 20, 2010 (UTC)

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