I spent over fifteen minutes, standing between the feet of the Manifestation of Infection, fighting Bahly Adan. His health was stuck at 50%. One by one, all of the Primordial Malice troops attacked us and were killed. There were none left, but his health didn't change.

Finally, I ran around the room again and discovered, by right-clicking one of the Infected Microbes, there was an option to "change the genes". A simple left-click didn't necessarily work. As soon as I made the change, Bahly Adan destroyed the Manifestation of Infection and the lost his immunity to damage.

Sakshale (talk) 07:12, January 9, 2018 (UTC)

Comments on PoD: Outbreak (Solo) Walk Through Edit

OP strat/walk through is pretty solid. A couple comments on my first experience in PoD last night.

On step 13 "Kill the Flesh Eater" my level 110 Defiler, in free and PoM quest gear with expert and master 90-100 level spells (101+ all apprentice) could not burn the Named down fast enough between the cycles of putrid piles of flesh. Would send the merc to meet them so they wouldn't get to named, but eventually they came too fast. Reset the fight after trying the strat posted a few times. Tried just focusing on the named and ignoring adds. While they added up, was able to burn the named down steadily and defeat it on the first try.

On step 17 "Kill Rallius Rattican" walked up the side of the magical dome and stopped on top. Named and 3 bats came up top and fought me there. Same strat. Focused on named and burned him down with no worries on water or needing the yellow balls for the bats. Did use singular focus just in case, but not sure up top it was needed. 02:42, January 17, 2018 (UTC)Nyene

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