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If anyone is curious, a couple of lines of dialog are different when you first talk to Enchantress W. if you have met her before. I'm not sure what the trigger is for knowing her, but I think it's the Heritage quests for the Shiny Metallic Robe. Based on the dialog, it sounds like she's A time-locked enchantress from the A Clockwork Apocalypse zone where parts of The Broken Pen and A Gnomish Master Plan take place.

Haven't met:

 You say to Enchantress W., "Wait, are you... her? You're the one that we need?"
 Enchantress W. says to you, "Why hello! I didn't see you there! Or here! Wherever here is! Umm... Where are we?"

Have met:

 You say to Enchantress W., "Oh, my... IT'S YOU! Enchantress you were the one in that Clockwork timeline!"
 Enchantress W. says to you, "Goodness! This is wonderful! I wasn't sure we'd ever meet again, <PlayerName>. I mean,
  I THOUGHT we might, but you can never know with these things. I have to tell you -- I went to Luclin, and it was
  amazing! There was this beautiful Bazaar, an underground forest of giant mushrooms, and a weird place called Grieg's
  End. One of my friends looked like a skeleton the whole time we were there..."
 You say to Enchantress W., "Ah, okay well, as interesting as that sounds, we'll have to catch up another time. We
  have some more pressing issues right now.
 Enchantress W. says to you, "Oh, oh! Which does beg the question... where are we?"

--Rdent (talk) 04:41, January 11, 2018 (UTC)

For the Infused Mana that drops from the earth elementals, it does not always drop. Best to fly to /way -914.63, 0.00, -842.53 and kill all four elementals in this area until earth ones spawn and you have a chance to get the drop. There is 3 spots on these tiny islands, plus one that spawns closer to the beach to the north. Once all four are killed, it will respawn in 10 seconds in one of the local four spots. This beats flying back and forth on the map to the normal spawn points. After a quick six rounds, I finally got the drop. ````

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