The first named in the zone, Jennre Warsinger, should be aggro'd after the trash has been cleared. If you pull the named before the trash is cleared, any remaing trash will also aggro. About mid-way through the fight, Jennre Warsinger will call adds, all 83^^, and they will run to the named. After Jennre Warsinger is killed, your group can continue to burn down any summoned adds, or evac and the will despawn.

The second named in the zone, the Yeti, An Ancient Void-Touched Wampus, has a long range kick back, and should be tanked in the far corner left or right behind the named on the lift itself. Basically a stright tank and spank, but he does has an aoe stun/stifle, not to hard to overcome. This named drops the Healer charm.

Once you've killed the Yeti, use the lift and go to the top, step on the purple portal, and then activate the second lift. Once at the top of the second lift, clear into one of the rooms WITHOUT a named, and then pull the skulls from the middle atrium into that room. (The skulls have a nasty fear effect). Once the skulls are cleared, clear the opposite room without a named, and then clear trash into the named room(s). Both named here, Thorvalakk and Telvorinn, are similar in how they can be tanked, Tank pull to one of the side walls by a pillar, group can be off to one side. One has a kickback, the other has a minor spell reflect, though neither seemed to cause any difficulty. Kill both named, one has a chance to drop a Fabled Fighter/Scout Ring- Band of the Ancient Kunarkian Commander.

After clearing both Void Beast nameds, take the lift to the top floor and clear about 5 more encounters of skulls. Once clear you can pull the named, Yynzik the Scornridden, to the wall behind where he sits and tank him there. Yynzik the Scornridden ports, and casts an Arcane and Noxious detrimental. The NOX should be cured ASAP. Yynzik the Scornridden also has an AOE that can be nasty so stuns/stifles are your friend.

Dont forget to hail the NPC up top after you defeat the last named if you are working on the Quest "Watching the Watchman".

Meilay 08:15, January 19, 2010 (UTC)

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