Locations of Blue Shinies Edit

Taken from official forums:

Theres 1 blue shiny collect in each non-instanced RoK Zone (like EoF had). Here is where they spawn in the zones...

Kylong: Soloable

  • 2 spawns outside Chardok entrance. 1 spawn outside/inside the 3 Wurm caves (had it spawn inside and just outside of all 3 at different times)

Fens: Soloable

  • 1 spawn at the Yha-lei platforms, 2 spawns in the Nurga mines, and 1 spawn in the Field of Bone

Kunzar: FD/Charm Soloable

  • Multiple spawns inside City of Mist. Not too bad once you get used to the area

Jarsath: Soloable

  • 2 spawns at the Yha-lei along shore near Danak Shipyard.

Karnor's Castle: FD/Charm Soloable

  • Multiple spawns around the zone. About as difficult as CoM imo. Easiest spot I found to camp was room across from the raid instance entrance. Take the tunnel inside from the moat, and take a left.

Sebilis: Soloable

  • Multiple spawns around the zone. If solo, can invis camp 2-3 spawns depending on luck of placement, in the bottom of Seb. Dive into the water below the circle platform at start of zone, and swim into the jail areas... easy enough to find them from there.

Chardok: FD/Charm Soloable

  • Multiple spawns in the Castle. Note theres only 1-2 spawns that are campable with just invising around, but if just relying on invis instead of killing you'll need a group to bring you down there and leave you.. or be able to FD down. If you get past the golems at the front, and get into the room that has stairs up/down, go down and the room there + hallway + next room is mostly mobs that don't see invis, and has 1 shiny on a 6-7min spawn time.
All these can be found at Expert Collection Item Known Locations. I'm adding a link to this and the Faydwer expert collection with links to there now. --Lordebon 22:44, 12 June 2008 (UTC)
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