I'll describe what little we learned on this fight, though still a work in progress, we ended up killing him (after a 41 min fight) so I'm certain there is an easier way.

He is in the room to the LEFT as you enter the zone, the Library area from Crucible. He has several groups of adds, that come in waves. To begin pulling the waves, shoot the named with an arrow, and he will send a guard + a book. Burn the book fast and concentrate on the guard. Repeat this another time and you will be left with the named + 5 or so mages (adds). When you shoot him a third time he will leave the room with the adds, burn the adds then concentrate on him. We tanked him at the corner of the hallway leading to the room up against the wall, there may be a better spot though. Once the adds are dead, he fires a sequence of nasty AOES. What we saw was- an ARCANE, ELEMENTAL, ELEMENTAL, TRAUMA- then a short pause before he would fire them again. They seem to hit about every 10 secs or so. The arcane wasn't too bad, neither were the elementals, but the trauma gave most people a fit. The trauma would insta kill most mages and some scouts, only the mages that had wards or death prevents seemed to be ok through it. (resistance gear, Mitigation gear, ? we didn't try too many strategies, just left characters that couldnt take the hit dead, until fight was over.)

The named also has a buff, 8% chance to proc when he takes damage from a source that drains power and does damage. Having multiple coercers and bards seemed to offset this though towards the end most of the tank classes were short on power. (Bring power pots, manastone etc.) Unknown if SERENE SYMBOL was effective on this buff.....

Overall I think we burned over 100 elemental cure pots, though our fight was very long, just something to keep in mind. Wardens may be exceptional given the double elemental in the sequence, for thier group elemental cure.

I dont recall if the named had a mem-wipe, we had a Paladin tanking with high aggro scout + ammends, so if he did that seemed to work for holding aggro. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Meilay (talkcontribs)

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