I was told by SOE that this quest is no longer available in game:

This is GM XXXXXX, thank you for contacting us about the quest "Johnny Pomegranate Seed". This quest is was available during the "Shards of Destiny" expansion and ended with the "Will of a Tyrant" expansion and is no longer being offered.

I'm sorry that we longer offer this, but their is so much more to explore in the Destiny of Velious expansion,

I'm not sure when that was posted, but it simply is not true. I've done Shard of Love well over a hundred times now among all my alts, and I have never failed to get this quest. I just ran it again, and yes it's still giving the quest. However, if this is your FIRST time through the Shard of Love, you will not get the quest until AFTER you access the citadel and defeat the boss. Simply wait through all his story lines, then exit through the teleporter that opens up. Then just enter the Shard of Love again and Lanielle will now give you the quest, Johnny Pomegranate Seed. Arcturys 22:12, February 18, 2012 (UTC)
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