Deep Sebilis Update: Your group can get to this one easy enough by jumping off the "mezanine" platform down into the water. While it is possible to invis past most of the undead frogs on the platform, a few of the roamers DO see invis, so it's probably just as easy to kill them. Take the underwater route down the drain tunnel to the room where the water drains into the grate. Many of the ghosts here don't see invis though one ore two do, so check ahead before entering the room. Other than the way you came in, there is only one other exit from this room, to another room with steps leading down to a pool. Avoid any roamers or see invis mobs and jump into this pool. Once in the water swim down and follow the way around to the left. When you come to an intersection don't take the branch to the right. Instead, continue on to the left and pop up in a pool right there with the wraith standing in a corner. Kill it for the update. This was in the original post and is not my own, I've moved it here so as to clean up the main page Wildraeven 05:36, June 21, 2012 (UTC)

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