Hey do we have an off-site link to the source of the rumors about the dev hints? I'd like to see that linked from this article to lend it some credibility.--Kodia 18:54, 28 January 2009 (UTC)

I was looking for one on the EQ2 boards... unfortunately it was on the *old* boards so my link was dead. It was one of Vhalen's hints, and seeing as he's gone (and I think all the old SOE board lore posts are gone/deleted as well) it's going to be somewhat tough to confirm. I even checked the wayback machine for the post, but it either didn't cache it or used a different method of naming to find it. I even looked through every post with his username on the new boards, but it looks like the thread with that in it either didn't get copied over, or I am somehow missing it =/.
One possible reference (although I don't recall this one being the one) is here in #3, where the highest peak of the serpent's spine being highkeep (it was the highest point of the Serpent's Spine mountains in EQ1, as I recall). It irks me to not end to not be able to find it... it irks me almost as much as it saddened me when Vhalen left =/ --lordebon 01:19, 31 January 2009 (UTC)
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