• NOTE: He will not spawn if you are grouped with someone who has already done the quest.
    • i have spawned Krieger for boxed alts several times and he always spawned with my main having completed the quest long ago so i strongly doubt this is (still) the case
      • just killed Krieger with 2 alts lvl 56 and 61 mentored to 40 with a 90 main mentored to 40 as well. no problem with spawn, attacking and killing

Step 2 LocationsEdit

I had a little trouble getting the ( -212, -3, -668 ) location to update for me. With the first two chars that did the quest I gave up on it. With a 3rd character I was able to get an update at that location (I was all set to remove it from the list if I couldn't have). I went first from the spire to the POI, no update, wandered downstream below the bridge a little then back up to the POI (its marked on the EQ2MAP) and got the update. Apparently a certain amount of wading around is required, or the trigger spot is very narrow. The journal does say you have to wade upstream to the location, so that's why I went downstream and then back. This is the most convenient location to get the update if you can get it to trigger, since it and the Antonican update are both close to spires. Baconlettuceandtomato (talk) 01:43, June 20, 2013 (UTC)

Tip on Traveling AroundEdit

Steps 1-4 require you to travel to different locations in different zones. Travel tiem can be significantly reduced if you use the Enchanted Lands to transfer between the mariner bell system and the wizard spire system.

Details: If you haven't been to the Enchanted Lands yet, the wizard spire is just three Saliraptor hops east of the dock, and a druid circle only one more hop to the east. This makes it easy to change transportation networks.

For this quest, you start out at a mariner bell, go to Enchanted lands, then to the wizard spire and into Antonica. Visit the tower, then return to the wizard spire, take it to Nektulos forest and pick up the update in the river just to the west, then take the spire back to the Enchanted Lands, transfer to the mariner network and take the bell to the Commonlands, swim out and get the update, then back to the dock, back through the Enchanted Lands again to take the spire to Thundering Steppes and you're close to the west coast update. After getting that take the spire back to the Enchanted lands, hop over to Fae Island to take the druid circle to Darklight Woods and hop to the southwest to take the tunnel into Nekutlos. Or you can skip Darklight Woods and take the druid circle directly to Nektulos but you're a bit farther away from the castle.

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