Notes for a quick run[edit source]

  1. you need 2 ppl to pull the levers on the left and right to get past the first named in Emperor Atrebe's Laboratory: The Fabled City of Kor-sha
  2. you can cov to the quest starter in a "cleared" instance.
  3. At level 90+ in Shard of Fear you can just run to the npc and the spirit and back to npc.
  4. use run speed totem in the instances
  5. You will need go to Lost Temple of Cabilis a few times, place a guild banner outside
  6. do the A Mysterious Black Tome collection while you do The Word of Fear if you still need it. The collection items are close to them.

-- User:Chillispike  User_talk:Chillispike 21:34, October 23, 2016 (UTC)

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