Solo Strategy for 2017

Solo Strat : Done by Eriak (not the named monster the player) Im a conj so this is much easier with my pet but it may be possible with a merc. Buff up, Rising tide, ETC. and stand in the pool down the hill from him just near the edge. Have your pet engage on him using your pet teleport, and once it initiates the fight use your Summon Pet spell to pull it back to you. You will need to 1 shot the first of the two adds he spawns on you, the Jester and the other guy. Whichever one is vulnerable to damage you nuke, my 20k potency Elemental Blast worked. The other add will become totally vulnerable instead of otherwise becoming invincible every 25% Time it so that he dies right before Glokus gets to you. Kill Glokus in under around 15 seconds before he has a chance to use the music box or the wind pillar. Adds shouldn't be a problem but if you can blow them up with AOE's take the opportunity.

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